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Gift Card Transaction LifeCycle

This article shows you the step-by-step process of purchasing and redeeming a gift card.

  • From the business’s website or social media pages, the consumer clicks on the “GIFT CARD” button.

  • Click here to view a video tutorial on purchasing a gift card.

Transaction lifecycle 1

The gift card sender gets a receipt and the gift card recipient gets the eGift card (and the business is paid).

Trans lifecycle 2

When it is time to pay the bill the consumer will let the business know they have a gift card. The staff simply asks for their gift card code.

There are two methods of redemption. POS Integrated redemption or Mobile App redemption.

POS Integrated Redemption

  • A staff member opens the check, chooses the Gift Local Tender Key and types in the gift card code

  • The value of the gift card will be applied to the bill

  • If the gift card value is greater, the remaining balance will be sent to the guest

  • If the gift card is less, your staff applies a second form of payment to the remaining balance

  • If there is a balance, the consumer will be sent a new gift card with the updated balance immediately

trans lifecycle 3

Mobile App Redemption

  • The staff types the gift card code into the redemption app, validates and marks it as used

  • The staff tenders that dollar amount to the Gift Local tender key on the POS

trans lifecycle 4

Any business that registers with GiftLocal.com today can be fully set up and start selling eGift cards from their website tomorrow.