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Privacy Policy

For End Users


Giftboard, Inc. (the “Company”) takes the privacy of its end users (“you”, “your”) seriously.  This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you of how the Company collects, uses and shares your information.  By visiting the Company’s websites or using the Company’s various services, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy, and you hereby consent to the Company’s collection, use, and sharing of your information as described below.

From time to time the Company may make changes to this Privacy Policy.  The Company will notify users by posting notice of any changes on its website for a period of not less than one week.  Your continued use of the website or the Company’s services after the posting of the notice will constitute your consent to the changes.


The Company uses information that you provide and that it collects automatically to allow you to purchase and/or receive gifts as easily, quickly and efficiently as possible.

Information that the Company collects from you may include but is not limited to the following:

When you establish an account:

  • User’s first name

  • User’s last name

  • User’s email address

  • User’s cell phone number

When you send a gift:

  • Sender’s first and last name

  • Sender’s email address

  • Sender’s cell phone number

  • Recipient’s first name

  • Recipient’s last name

  • Recipient email address

  • Recipient cell phone number

When you use the Company’s website or services, the Company keeps detailed records of such use, including but not limited to your IP address and browser and when and how the website or services were used.  The Company may also collect certain information through the use of “Cookies”.  Cookies are small data files stored permanently, transiently, or on an expiration basis on your hard drive or in memory at the request of a website that allow the Company to recognize your browser, your logged-in status, and provide information regarding how and when pages are visited.

Regarding credit card information, the Company does not collect or store the 16 digit credit card number, or the expiration date or CVV of your credit card.  That information is collected and stored by the Company’s credit card processing partner.

You should be aware the Company draws a substantial distinction between Personally Identifiable Information (as defined below) and all other types of information.

Personally Identifiable Information is information that would reasonably enable others to determine your individual identity.   Such information includes your full name, your last name, your email address, your physical address, your cell phone number and personalized messages.  Such information does not include your first name or any information about merchants or gifts.

The Company does not rent, trade, sell or otherwise share for marketing purposes your Personally Identifiable Information to anyone, unless you ask or authorize us to do so. Nothing in this paragraph in anyway restricts the sale of the Company itself or the assets of the Company.

The Company uses Personally Identifiable Information to deliver the Company’s services to gift senders, gift recipients, merchants and other affiliates.  

Such use includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Upon receipt of a gift, the recipient will see the sender’s first name, last name and email address

  • Upon the redemption of a gift, the recipient and the merchant will see the sender’s first and last name and the recipient’s first and last name.

While the Company generally provides its services utilizing it own employees and resources, services may be delivered with the assistance of contractors, vendors and other 3rd parties.  When necessary to fulfill a service request, the Company may provide a 3rd party service provider with your Personally Identifiable Information.

You expressly agree that the Company is not liable to you for any release or exposure by a 3rd party of any information associated with your account – personally identifiable or otherwise – if the Company provided the information to the 3rd party in order to enable, facilitate or improve the delivery of services by the Company to you.

The Company may use information that is not Personally Identifiable Information in any manner that it sees fit.

This Privacy Policy in no way restricts the Company’s use of aggregated or anonymized data.

The Company may use data regarding your account to compile statistics about the use of its service.  Such statistics may be freely used and distributed by the Company.

The Company may use and distribute usage data specific to your account when such data is not associated with your Personally Identifiable Information.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please send us a detailed message to team@giftlocal.com.  We will make every effort to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.