Want free gifts on your birthday? Yea, of course you do.

Using Bonus Gifts to generate more covers

Click here to view our video demo or follow along with the instructions below:

Step 1: 

Select the “Promotions” drop down in the header and click “Bonus Gift Campaign”

Arrow Promotions

Step 2:

Click “Add Campaign”

Arrow Add Campaign

Step 3:

-Choose a name of your campaign, for internal use. Customers will not see this.

- Select the dates for this campaign to run. For example “December 1st - December 31st” and

-Click “Create Campaign”.

Arrow Bonus Campaign Settings

Step 4:

-Click the green “Set up your bonus gift” link.

Arrow Set up campaign

-Customize sender name or use the name of your business

-Choose the values of the gifts that will receive bonus gifts, and then the bonus dollar or percentage amount desired.

** Add different tiers for more customization options. For example, a 20% bonus on $100 gift cards, and a 30% bonus gift on a $200 gift card.**

-Enter the message you want your bonus gift customers to receive. Click “next" to proceed.


- Choose the expiration date of the bonus gift! You may choose a specific date or "relative to date sent" via the dropdown. Click "save template."


Step 5:

-Enter the Promotional Headline and Description for any additional details or restrictions you want to include. **This will be what the customers see!** - Check the "Store Availability" box to connect it to your online store.

-Click Save

last bonus step

Your bonus gift campaign is now live!