Want free gifts on your birthday? Yea, of course you do.

How to use the Promo Gift Feature

Sending Promotional Gifts

Our Promotional Gifting is a powerful tool that can be used to create awareness of your gift card program and drive foot traffic into your business.

Step 1:

  • Click on the “Promotions” drop down in the header, and select “Quick Gifts.”

Arrow Promo drop down

Step 2:

  • Enable quick gifts and set account member and account administrator settings, and save. (This will allow you to set which of your teammates can send gifts).

Arrow Quick Gifts No

Arrow - Quick Gifts Save

Step 3:

  • Click “Add Gift Template”

Arrow Add Gift Template

Step 4:

  • Fill out the Gift Template

  • Choose a template name for internal use (only you can see this!). 

  • Choose the sender name, is it coming from you or the business?

  • Choose the gift type, is it a specific item or an amount? If amount then type in that amount just below followed by the desired message.

  • If an item, select “item,” describe what that item is followed by the quantity and item value (optional), and type your message! Save.

Gift Template Example

Step 5:

Send the gift from your Dashboard via email or text message.

Send Gifts Example