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How to Add a New Location

Add a New Location

With Gift Local, you can add as many locations as you want to your account. If you have a new location opening or want to bring an existing partner online, you can easily add a new location at any time. Choose the multi-redemption option so that gift cards can be redeemed at all locations, or keep the businesses separate. 

Click here to watch a video tutorial or follow along with the steps below:

Step 1:

From your dashboard, click on the name of your business in the top right corner.

Arrow Location

Step 2:

Select “Add New Location” from the dropdown

Step 3:

Fill out the New Location form with your info. Click "Save" to finish.

New Location Form

Some Notes:

You can also update the profile, payment, and quick redemption here on the left. 

Arrow Profile Button

You can always toggle between locations using that same dropdown from the Dashboard, located in the top right corner, including viewing “All Locations” at once.

Arrow Multi Location

To redeem gifts at each location, simply view “All Locations” from the dropdown, and then “View Dashboard” for the desired location.

If you need a new online store or one for each location, simply go into each location's store settings and create a new online store.


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