Want free gifts on your birthday? Yea, of course you do.

Sell Gift Cards Online

How to start selling e-gift cards from your social media pages driving you online revenue & on-premise covers.

How to sell gift cards directly from Yelp: If you have a Premium Yelp account you have the option to add a “Call to action” button that opens your gift card widget! Just drop in your GiftLocal URL and immediately start selling eGift cards right from your Yelp.

Yelp Widget

How to sell gift cards directly from Instagram:

  1. Go to https://linktr.ee and create an account.

     It’s free!

  2. Add as many links as you want to your Linktr.ee account

  3. Paste your Linktr.ee link into your IG profile

  4. Start selling eGift cards (and anything else) right from your Instagram

Linktr.ee makes it easy to add your gift card, reservations, special events and newsletter links all in one spot making Instagram 10X more powerful.


How to sell gift cards directly from your Facebook Page:

There are 3 ways to sell gift cards directly from Facebook:

  1. Just add your gift card widget URL to a post driving people directly to your page

  2. Promote / sell a specific item like a holiday promo from your news feed.

  3. You can also add a Facebook menu / widget directly to your menu bar

Restaurants are where people eat, online is where people shop. Allow your customers to easily purchase gift cards from your website and social media pages and watch your annual gross revenue grow by 3%.

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