Want free gifts on your birthday? Yea, of course you do.

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Get up to $500 in eGift cards from local businesses on your birthday.

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How it works

Giftlocal.com is the gift card partner for thousands of local businesses across the U.S. Many of these businesses want to thank you for gifting local and want to wish you a happy birthday.


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Registration is free and takes less than 30 seconds. No App. No Cost. No Headaches.

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Your offers will arrive via text throughout the 30 days surrounding your birthday from local restaurants, bars, bakeries, spas, salons, gyms, golf courses, and so much more. Simply click the link and claim the eGift Cards you want.

Redeem 🎉

When it is time to pay your bill just let the participating business know you have a birthday gift card and give them the gift card code shown in the text. It’s that easy.

More questions? We have answers:

What happens if type in the wrong birthday?

Your birthday has to match the birthday on your license or passport.

If you typed in the wrong one please contact customer service so we can change it for you.

When will I get my gift cards?

You will get your first set of gift card offers 15 days before your birthday. Additional offers will unlock 4 days before and on your birthday itself. You will receive an email and text message with a link to your offers at these times. Click the link and claim the offers of your choosing. You will receive a text message with your gift card.

What if I sign up during my birthday month?

We have good news and bad news for you.

Good News: you'll be eligible for birthday month offers up to 15 days after your birthday.

Bad News: businesses generally reserve their best offers for your birthday or birthday week. You won't be eligible for those this year.

How do I use my gift card?

Every gift card you are sent will have a gift card code on it. When it is time to pay your bill, present your gift card to the staff so they can validate your code and discount your bill.

Birthday offers are only good on your birthday. Birthday week offers are good 4 days before through 3 days after you birthday. Birthday month offers are good 15 days before through 15 days after your birthday.