Want free gifts on your birthday? Yea, of course you do.

Purchase to Redemption Lifecycle

Gift Card Sales

Consumers anywhere in the world can purchase and send your gift cards in real time with zero labor or risk on your part

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Gift Card Purchase

  • eGift cards can be sent instantly or scheduled to be delivered on a future date

  • Gifts can be sent via text, email or printed for hand delivery

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Gift card Recipient

  • Consumers get a gift card with a gift card code and message on it, they don’t have to create an account or download an app

  • This means anyone from millennial to baby boomer will have a great user experience getting the gift card and using it


Gift Card Redemption

  • When a guest is ready to pay their bill they will tell your staff they have a gift card.

  • The entire training for your staff is to say “Awesome, what is your gift card code?”

  • The guest will tell or show you the gift card code “106-544”

Gift Card Validation and Tender POS Integrated

  • Open the check you want to close

  • Choose the Gift Local tender key and enter the gift card code

  • The value of the gift card will be applied to the bill, if there is a balance use second form of payment to close transaction

Gift Card Validation and Tender App

  • Now that you have the guests gift card code you need to validate it’s value and mark it as used

  • Just type the gift card code into the redemption app or webpage which will tell you its value

  • Choose how much to mark as used

  • Open the check on the POS, choose the Gift Local tender key and enter the gift card value

  • If there is a remaining balance apply a second form of payment

Gift Card Payment

  • GiftLocal.com pays you 95% of the gift card sale on purchase, not redemption and sends the eGift card to the recipient

  • GiftLocal.com covers all CC fees and guarantees no chargebacks which means you are netting 95% of the gift card sales (Thumbs Up or touch down)