Want free gifts on your birthday? Yea, of course you do.

Happy Birthday! -from GiftLocal.com

23 different local businesses want to thank you for gifting local and they have all sent you a gift card for your birthday.

  • Some of these gifts are good for the entire month of September

  • Some of these gifts are good during the week of your birthday.

  • Some of these gifts are only good on your birthday

How to get and use each gift card:

  • When it is time to pay your bill at the business just tell them you have a gift card

  • They will ask you for your gift card code

  • You will have a gift card like this with a numerical code on it

  • Simply provide the gift card code and that’s it! The balance of your bill (and tip if applicable) can be paid with a credit card or cash

Here's how to get your gift card codes:

  • Please note, you can only have one of the gifts at a time.

  • When you know which gift card you would like to use first, start by texting us at 415.xxx.xxxx with the name of that business.

  • GiftLocal will respond with your gift card. It will be activated instantly so you can use it right away.

  • Want another gift??? After you have redeemed your first gift card, simply repeat the process by texting us with the name of the business you would like to receive a gift card for next and we will send it to you.

Simple enough? Text us now to receive your first gift or to ask us a question.